The Blue Sticker System

All music purchased on this site is copyrighted. It cannot be copied, distributed, downloaded, or electronically transferred for any purpose, including religious, educational, or personal without express written permission of the copyright owner.

However, permission is granted by the copyright owner to copy music under the guidelines of the Blue Sticker System so you can get to work on your music without having to wait for it to arrive! In fact, you save on shipping too!

The Blue Sticker System works as follows: When you purchase any number of copies from this website, you will have permission to download one copy and reproduce the exact number purchased. The front page of each work will have a place for a special blue copyright sticker. You will be mailed the number of stickers that you purchased, and you must place them on each copy that you reproduce as soon as they arrive. This will legalize your copies. Copying more than what has been purchased is illegal.

If you want any special permission to use, borrow, or reproduce music sold on this site for special reasons without purchase, send us a message